Monday, November 17, 2014

Western Art for "Plata de Ley" by Nosolorol Publishing

Cover + backcover illustration
Plata de ley, written by Diego López and published by Nosolorol publishing is a RPG adventure set in the wild west. For the cover we wanted a simple but strong idea that undoubtedly fits the western ambience. In order to keep it simple we played with a cowboy bandit silhouette to get the one. Once we got a favorite, sunset and oranges-reds were the chosen light and colors. Of course, the train and cowboys has something to do with the adventure. I finally added some dust to bring it some dirty-old feeling.

Cover Sketches

Cover Painting Process

 For the characters (I did four of the nine included in the book) the author Diego López had provided some references from films. I felt that his characters idea was to get some kind of "league of extraordinary western characters" so I didn´t hesitate to be obvious with some film character references.

Instead of my classic step by step I have enlarged my work file to show you most of the layers I have used in the work (too much space would be required to show everyone). Some of them are photoreferences, others are sketches or different color versions. I hope you like this approach to my workflow.



Pancho Castillo

El chico (the kid)

No so much else to say, I am always happy to work in far west stuff. Thanks to Nosolorol and Diego López for they trust.

Thanks again for coming to my cave.
I hope you enjoy the visit.


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