Sunday, June 29, 2014

"Blood & Glory: Legend" Digital Comic

During summer 2012 I did the comic artwork for the game Blood & Glory: Legend developed by Glu mobile inc. and Cryptozoic Entertainment. Based on a script by Gray and Palmioti. Panels are thought to be seen at full screen so somehow every single panel become also a page. Below you will find sketches and final art for some of the panels. Full work was more than 100 panels.

1/3 of the panels done were included in the game. The other 2/3 were part of a clasic comic book with 33 pages. Although I found comic workflow too fast I enjoyed the chance of telling a story with more than one pic.

 The game was succesfully published worldwide more than one year ago (I don't know what happened with the full comic) but it didn't work in my mobile. Recently my friend Tito, who spent his time advancing to reveal all the panels, showed it to me. Thanks Tito!

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Archer Cover Art for La Búsqueda

Final Art

This is a pic done for the book "Cuentos del Círculo de los Bardos III: La Búsqueda." written by Pedro Camacho Camacho. Pedro, who was the translator of the illustrated story "Allwënn: Soul & Sword" (together with Susi Díaz), is also author of several books.

For this book he wanted to show a blonde archer elf character that has so much to do with another I drew before so it was like a reencounter with an old friend. The idea was to show only the character so I did a lot of quick pose-composition sketches to look for the right one. I was quite lost (action, relaxed, close-up, full body...) too many choices for one elf xD so I asked Pedro for help. He chose three ones and I tried a color scheme for them. Then we decide to go on with the profile close up one and I started the final painting.

That's all, special thanks to Pedro and thank u for coming to my Cave ^_^


First Sketches

Color sketches
Painting Process

final cover

Delirium Cover Art for "Delirios de Acterareuim"

final art
Some months ago I received a weird commission from my friend Josema Beza. He wanted a cover for his first publication, a collection of tales and stories from fantasy to scifi or horror. He wanted something that has to do with the idea of delirium. From that abstract idea I started to work.

I imagined a no-identity character that could show the idea with some kind of dissolving shadow coming from him. Josema liked the idea and everything went on. I worked on this concept with a lot of textures and effects. I realized that it was stronger with a sketchy look so I did not wanted so much details or soften shapes.

Below you have the sketches and final cover.

Thanks to Josema Beza for this challenging cover and thank u all again for visiting my cave.
Hope you like it ;)


final cover

Sunday, June 22, 2014

"Goddess & Pet" personal work

Final Art close up

Hi again, I'm happy because I've finished this personal work which I started about 8 months ago. Most of the months I couldn't even open the file because of work, new home, new cat, etc. but this weekend I felt productive after finnishing the latest cover (previous post) and I decided to finish it.

I wanted to do a strong perspective piece and that was my personal challenge with this pic. You can see the process and the full final pic below.

I do not use to tell it but, since this pic is a personal work it is available for licence. If you want to include it in your publication ask me about price at charroar(at) Also you can ask me for any previous works, some of them are also available.

I hope you enjoyed visiting my cave ;)

Painting Process

Painting Process (close up)
"Goddess & Pet" Final Art

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Cover art for La Flor de Jade IV

Final Art
 And here it is, the awaited forth book of "La Flor de Jade" written by Jesús B. Vilches. This time we wanted a group cover starred by Claudia, Odín and Alex. We met here at my home to talk about the cover so first stages came with some beers and everything goes on easily. Once the composition was clear, we found some difficulties finding the proper zoom. Finally we decided to bring Claudia even closer to the viewer and keeping the lion's heads smaller in the background. 

Jesús B. Vilches is my friend and partner, author of the sagas "La Flor de Jade" and "Irene", but also the author of "Allwënn: Soul & Sword" the illustrated story that we developed together on 2012. There is not so much about him that I have not told you, just I encourage you to read his books, they are available at Amazon, Google Books/Play, Apple, Barnes, etc.

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Hope you like it

author's blogsite
Vilches Books at
Vilches & Charro Facebook page

Painting Process
Painting Process (close up)

Final cover
Back Cover

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Video Game Background Art

First approach

I have found these tonight in my between my folders and I have decided to share it, although it is not my usual kind of work. At the end of 2013 I worked as background artist with a spanish team in order to develop the art design for a german video game.  Finally the project didn't continue but I enjoyed the cartoon style and it was an interesting experience.

These kind of games are designed in 2.5D keeping layers separated to get a 3D feeling. Also everything had to be builted with elements which can be placed and repeated anywhere by the level designers.

Hope you like it ;)
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Background - Foreground layers


Border Elements

Background Simulation
Full Level Simulation