Monday, February 10, 2014

Art for Walküre RPG

Berlin Parade

Time to talk of Walküre RPG, a ambitious project created and developed by Pedro Gil (creator of "La Marca del Este"). Supported by a succesful crowdfunding, it is one of the most interesting atmospheres in which I have worked. 

I have done environment and character art (soldiers) for the game, here you have my final artworks. There are a lot of great spanish artists working in it so I am glad to have a place with them giving image and feeling to this alternative-future world.

Soldiers Art
Design Sketches

Collecting Regolith

German Astronaut

Unity Spaceport

Antartic troops

The Core

Lava Tube

Unison Base

I suggest you to have a look to the blog site , it is still only in spanish but I have no doubt that it will come into english too.

My greetings to Pedro Gil to have me on board

And thank u for visiting my Cave ^_^

Friday, February 7, 2014

Cover Art for RPG Cazadores de Leyendas

Cover sketches
In the last blog post I showed you the character art done for "Cazadores de Leyendas". During these days I receibed the commission of doing a new cover for the book. We had not so much time and it would be nice to show all the characters. Inspired by Indy covers done by Drew Struzan but in a more simple way (of course ;P), I tried a classical team composition, playing a little bit with the new female character.

The final decission was to show all of them together as some kind of badass group. Golden-ocre color was a must, so I added a blue-violet for the background... and paint ;)

Thanks again to Nosolorol crazy people

and Thanks for visiting my Cave ^_^

Painting Process
Final cover illustration

Here you have more info about Cazadores de Leyendas
Nosolorol website