Saturday, August 23, 2014

CD cover for "unum" by Vexillum

Final art
By the end of 2013 I finished this commission for the italian music band Vexillum. They have a clear idea of what they wanted for the cover. The bas relief stone is the key of the story that they tell in their new album "UNUM"

Based on a sketch provided by the clients, I only needed to try a couple of designs to find the one.

Sketches and Painting Process

Monday, August 11, 2014

Matrioska cover art for Nosolorol Publishing

Matrioska cover + backcover art
Since May 2014 I started a new adventure with Nosolorol Publishing becoming part of their team and working half-time in their office (I am still doing freelance works also). That fact have changed my life in much more ways than I expected not only it brought more freedom and interesting projects to my work, but also I met a group of new friends (freelance illustrator work is often so lonely ;P) and uncountable improvements in my daily living.

Matrioska is a *self-playable RPG book writen by Mario Fernández, with a truly interesting plot that... I do not want to spoiler ;). I just recommend you to play it and discover the secrets behind Dakota building. For the cover art we spent most time looking for an idea or design focused on what we wanted to tell to the viewer, playing with the shape of the building as it could somehow change or holds something else... I did also some of the interior art but again, I do not want to spoiler the story

*A self-playable RPG book is a one shot adventure with everything you need to play. Nosolorol has developed this concept in some of their books and it combines the ease to play without getting crazy with a lot of rules, with that kind of perfectly tied story that you can find in a good movie.

Thanks to Nosolorol team for having me on board and thank u all for coming back to my cave.
Hope you like it :)

You can find Matrioska here
Nosolorol website