Sunday, May 11, 2014

Cover Art for "Glimpse of Darkness"

Cover Illustration
I have been so busy lately and my blog suffered it. However, I am back here because one of my last novel covers has been released recently: Glimpse of Darkness vol 1: Chronicles of the Cursed, written by Nicole DelaCroix.

At first, Nicole sent me a good briefing with descriptions and images that helped me to sketch some first possibilities to talk together about the best approach to the cover. After that, the idea was clearer and I tried a second collection of sketches focusing on the couple with him behind her. Number 5 was the chosen one; we both liked the tension of the point of view and the wings position. Then, I tested some colors and go on painting the pic, detailing and modifying, looking for some kind of dramatic feeling and character`s expression.

Working with Nicole has been really a wonderful experience. As I used to tell her, Nicole`s emails were fresh air in my mailbox, she is always full of joy and enthusiasm and I had the feeling of talking to an old friend, more than a client. I sincerely desire all the best for her and her books.

Thank you very much Nicole :)

And, thank you all for visting my cave again ;)

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Sketches I
Sketches II

Color thumbnails

Painting Process