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Javier Charro Martínez was born in León in 1980 and moved to the Canary Islands when he was but months old. His father, who had been a painter in his youth, passed on his enthusiasm for art to his sons. Javier and his brother shared their hobby and spent hours painting influenced by fantasy art and American comics.

After collaborating in an animated short film in 2003, he starts publishing illustrations for role-playing games. From then on, he combines his career in architecture with his work as a freelance illustrator. In the summer 2010, he decides to concentrate only on illustration, starting new projects and accepting more orders. During these last years he has published hundreds of illustrations in different media, such as novel covers, mobile games, role-playing games and miniatures, sets of cards, magazines, comics, etc.

Nowadays, Javier lives in Madrid combining his work as freelance illustrator with the role of main illustrator and art director for the Spanish roleplaying game publisher Nosolorol Ediciones.

Some of his latest projects are the additional art for Plenilunio, the Malefic Time roleplaying game where shares pages with Luis Royo & Rómulo Royo and the Spanish edition of Dresden Files roleplaying game, completely illustrated by Charro.

Javier Charro