Monday, January 19, 2015

Cover and Characters Art for Murder a la Carte

Cover Art

Murder à la Carte is a Pathfinder compatible adventure developed by 0one Games and written by Tom Knauss. I found very interesting this mystery approach to the fantasy adventure where you'll have to unmask Marcellus' killer.

For the cover Mario Barbati (owner of 0one Games) wanted the discovering of the dead body by the house workers. We chose a low point of view to have the drowned man in the foreground keeping the action in the down-right corner to fit the Basic Paths' layout.

As characters I had to draw the old rich man, the legendary hero Marcelus and his servant, butlers, cooker and gardener who are called to be our usual suspects like if we were in a classic mystery novel. 

Thanks to Mario Barbati and 0one games for counting on me for this project.
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Good luck solving the mystery ;)

Cover Art Process
final cover layout

Boris final art

Drake final art

Fazzlemare final art

Mortimer final art

Scarlet final art

Tobias final art

Warren Joe final art

Characters Art Process

promo image from 0one website

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Characters and Creatures Art for "PLENILUNIO" by Nosolorol Publishing

Plenilunio promo image from Nosolorol website

PLENILUNIO, developed and published by Nosolorol Ediciones, is a roleplaying game based on the universe of Malefic Time, created by Luis Royo and Rómulo Royo. As you can imagine, I am infinitely pleased to share pages with this couple of art masters and to do my tiny contribution to this meta-project which includes not only three illustrated books published by Norma Editorial, but also a novel written by my friend Jesús B. Vilches, a manga comic book by Kenny Ruiz, a music album by Avalanch and much more still to come.

Characters from Plenilunio are survivors who live in an apocalyptic New York. The most simple goods like food or water are difficult to find, it is a rude world where the rests of our civilization are still present so, our survivors use whatever they can find useful to keep they alive one more day. Behind all this apocalypse, there is a war between two ancient and powerful forces and our characters are called to play a role in that war...


110 katanas member


Angels Hunter

Orthodox Rabbi

Petty Thief

Scrap Merchant

Urban Shaman


Moon Mestizo

Gang Member


At last, I did three creatures included in the book, in which I tried to suggest their shapes from a dark textured background, more than doing a detailed pic. Since I was also involved in the layout design, I decided to paint them directly on their double pages.



Well, that's all for now, but I hope I'll come back with more Plenilunio art for the upcoming books. Thanks to Luis Royo, Rómulo Royo and Jesús B. Vilches for taking me on board of this awesome project and thanks to Nosolorol for making it possible.

And, of course, thank you all for visiting my Cave :)

Plenilunio promo image from Nosolorol website

Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Grande Temple of Jing III

Lay of the Dead Lords

And here you have my third post with five more interior illustrations and processes for the upcoming The Grande Temple of Jing, "the Dungeoncrawl that rules them all" developed by Hammerdog Games. As I told you before I did more than 70 pics so, these are only a preview of what yo will find in the book.

Thanks for coming to my Cave ;)

 *You can see more pics for this book in my previous posts: I & II


Lay of the Dead Lords process

Dragon Gate
Dragon Gate process

Gravecaves process

Harpy Town

Harpy Town process
The Forge
The Forge process

Monday, November 17, 2014

Western Art for "Plata de Ley" by Nosolorol Publishing

Cover + backcover illustration
Plata de ley, written by Diego López and published by Nosolorol publishing is a RPG adventure set in the wild west. For the cover we wanted a simple but strong idea that undoubtedly fits the western ambience. In order to keep it simple we played with a cowboy bandit silhouette to get the one. Once we got a favorite, sunset and oranges-reds were the chosen light and colors. Of course, the train and cowboys has something to do with the adventure. I finally added some dust to bring it some dirty-old feeling.

Cover Sketches

Cover Painting Process

 For the characters (I did four of the nine included in the book) the author Diego López had provided some references from films. I felt that his characters idea was to get some kind of "league of extraordinary western characters" so I didn´t hesitate to be obvious with some film character references.

Instead of my classic step by step I have enlarged my work file to show you most of the layers I have used in the work (too much space would be required to show everyone). Some of them are photoreferences, others are sketches or different color versions. I hope you like this approach to my workflow.



Pancho Castillo

El chico (the kid)

No so much else to say, I am always happy to work in far west stuff. Thanks to Nosolorol and Diego López for they trust.

Thanks again for coming to my cave.
I hope you enjoy the visit.


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