Sunday, November 16, 2014

Cover Art for "Cultos Innombrables" (Nameless Cults) by Nosolorol Ediciones

close up

RPG book "Cultos Innombrables" (Nameless Cults) was finally released last week. Here you have the process and sketches I did for the cover about six months ago. This was one of the first arworks I did working from Nosolorol office where I work directly with the creator and also chief publisher Manuel J. Sueiro.

We started to work with the idea of a girl summoning some kind of Cthulhu mythos' force. From that idea I did a lot of rough sketches and we started to select and discard some of them looking for the right POV and attitude. Even in the color phase, she turned from the initial half-frightened girl to a final defiant character shouting to the monster. Against the common cliche of the girl being sacrificed, roles turned back and she appears sacrificing a Deep One. That turn of roles have a lot to do with what you would find in the book, where characters go a step further from the classic "heroes against monsters" to a more contemporary view where good and evil is always relative.

Since traditional Cthulhu game happens in the 20s we also wanted to show that the game happens nowadays so we show a mix of contemporary and ancient stuff. Due to the same reason, we placed her in a modern office building with the city in the background. I really enjoyed imagining the action happening in that dark office which some seconds back was almost quiet, except for her voice whispering some kind of summoning spell. 

Finally, as an old fashioned Cthulhu RPG player I have to say that I love this book and it is just the step needed to go over the cliches, keeping the mystery and darkness of Cthulhu Myths. So, I wish a long life for this Nameless Cults ;)

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Digital Painting Process
Digital Painting Process close up

Final Artwork

Printed Book

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