Saturday, June 28, 2014

Delirium Cover Art for "Delirios de Acterareuim"

final art
Some months ago I received a weird commission from my friend Josema Beza. He wanted a cover for his first publication, a collection of tales and stories from fantasy to scifi or horror. He wanted something that has to do with the idea of delirium. From that abstract idea I started to work.

I imagined a no-identity character that could show the idea with some kind of dissolving shadow coming from him. Josema liked the idea and everything went on. I worked on this concept with a lot of textures and effects. I realized that it was stronger with a sketchy look so I did not wanted so much details or soften shapes.

Below you have the sketches and final cover.

Thanks to Josema Beza for this challenging cover and thank u all again for visiting my cave.
Hope you like it ;)


final cover

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