Saturday, June 28, 2014

Archer Cover Art for La Búsqueda

Final Art

This is a pic done for the book "Cuentos del Círculo de los Bardos III: La Búsqueda." written by Pedro Camacho Camacho. Pedro, who was the translator of the illustrated story "Allwënn: Soul & Sword" (together with Susi Díaz), is also author of several books.

For this book he wanted to show a blonde archer elf character that has so much to do with another I drew before so it was like a reencounter with an old friend. The idea was to show only the character so I did a lot of quick pose-composition sketches to look for the right one. I was quite lost (action, relaxed, close-up, full body...) too many choices for one elf xD so I asked Pedro for help. He chose three ones and I tried a color scheme for them. Then we decide to go on with the profile close up one and I started the final painting.

That's all, special thanks to Pedro and thank u for coming to my Cave ^_^


First Sketches

Color sketches
Painting Process

final cover

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