Thursday, January 16, 2014

"Her Blue Eyes" Personal Work

Final Illustration "Her Blue Eyes"
This picture started from a discard option done for the previous commission (previous post). After finishing the cover, my next work was delayed so I had some time for doing a portfolio picture. I enjoyed that cover and I thought that the girl's attitude of this choice could deserve a finished illustration.

I tried some design options, I liked almost the same both B.spaceship and C.white dragon concepts, but I had done another sci-fi personal work recently ("Lone Soldier") so I decided to do the dragon one.

Design Options
 Not so much else to say, except the fact that I tried to practice some things that I had read in Color & Light by James Gurney. I wanted to create a sands/desert lighting and atmosphere with colors even though we cannot see any background landscape.

Colour Process
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*Prints of this pic are available here

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