Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Character Art for RPG "Cazadores de Leyendas"

Final Art

Here you have some pulp characters art I did for the role playin game "Cazadores de Leyendas" by Nosolorol publishing. Since it is a re-edition of  the game I had to give a new image to the characters based on the previous drawings showed in the book.

Finally the clients decided to add a new character for the game called Anne Sophie. They had some ideas about her: she had to be a strong woman with short hair, some kind of... maybe bodyguard, maybe assasin, maybe adventurer or pilot...

With that clues, I started to interchange photos and drawings with Manuel J. Sueiro looking for the design that fits better what they wanted. Below you have some part of that process.

Anne - general design choices

Anne - painting process and final designs

Anything else to say, just thanks to Nosolorol people to trust my work.

 Thanks for visiting my Cave ^_^

Here you have more info about Cazadores de Leyendas
Nosolorol website

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