Thursday, February 25, 2016

Cover art for Reflejo RPG

Light cover final art

Roleplaying game Reflejo (Reflection), written by Jordi Martín and published by Nosolorol Ediciones has been released this week so I bring the two covers I did for the book.

The interior art, nicely done by Jorge Carrero was previously done with inks and reds so one of our first decissions was to keep our cover grayscale and red. This was one of those covers where we spend more time thinking in the right concept than painting the final so I did several sketches with slight modifications looking for it. The main idea was a girl between world of light and world of darkness.

Finally we decided to go on with she going through a mirror which work as a portal between the two worlds. With that concept I took my references and even did a 3d model to work the body cut.

After the cover was finished, Nosolorol's chief publisher Manuel J. Sueiro thought it will be great having an alternative cover showing the same scene from the world of darkness. So I did another cover as a reflection of the first one.

At the end we have two covers for this roleplaying game, I'm not sure of which is my favourite so I'm happy with both xD I hope you too ;)


Darkness cover final art


Some of my references: sculptures by Pugliese Barriera and photos by Iain Crawford (golden) and the69th (water)

Poser 3d model


  1. Tremendo Charro! Me ha encantado que pusieras las referencias y ver que usas Poser para ayudarte. Ésta doble portada me parece una pasada, de las mejores portadas que he visto últimamente, por lo sencilla y bien parida que está y por lo visualmente potente que es.


    1. Muchas gracias Surien, me alegró de que te guste :)
      El poder antes lo usaba más pero es bastante útil para algunas cosas.
      Un saludo y gracias otra vez