Monday, March 2, 2015

Cover Art for Steam States RPG

Cover + back cover final art

And here it is the cover + backcover art I did for the roleplaying game Steam States. We started the sketches from a different concept than the final one: A group of adventurers shooting from their ship to a crowd of orcs that go after them. We were not happy enough with the result because the ship was so big in the back cover and we tried another idea. The second idea was focused in the adventurers with a city behind them, over the cannon walls. We liked how the profile silhouette of the main character worked, so we go on with that one.

After that, I go on painting and adding details, such us working in the city design to get a singular piece that can show that western-fantasy-steam mix which makes this product different.


Painting Process
Painting Process (close up)

Cover art

And that's all I did for Steam States. I forgot to include my greetings to the authors Angel L. Marín and Marc Santanach who were also involved in all the design process.

And thank you all for your visit to my Cave :)

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