Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Character Art for Steam States

About a year ago I was requested by Edge Entertainment to work in the roleplaying game Steam States. I did 15 characters, 9 races and the cover+backcover artwork for this western-fantasy-steam roleplaying game. 

I worked with David Ardila (Edge's Art Director) and the game's author developing the designs. For some of them we worked over previous designs by another artist but also we changed some designs to fit other issues different than the previous ones.   
As you will see in the process pics, I started with some mini sketches before starting the color phase. Sometimes we were more interested in the pose and general shapes and some others required some detail tests to look for the right one. Five of the characters fits the idea of "badass cowboy", so I used the same sketches group to find their pose and attitude.

That's all for now, next day I'll show you more. Thanks to David Ardila and Edge Entertainment for having me on board in this project.

And I hope you enjoy this visit to my Cave :)

Edge Entertainment website
Steam States page