Monday, February 10, 2014

Art for Walküre RPG

Berlin Parade

Time to talk of Walküre RPG, a ambitious project created and developed by Pedro Gil (creator of "La Marca del Este"). Supported by a succesful crowdfunding, it is one of the most interesting atmospheres in which I have worked. 

I have done environment and character art (soldiers) for the game, here you have my final artworks. There are a lot of great spanish artists working in it so I am glad to have a place with them giving image and feeling to this alternative-future world.

Soldiers Art
Design Sketches

Collecting Regolith

German Astronaut

Unity Spaceport

Antartic troops

The Core

Lava Tube

Unison Base

I suggest you to have a look to the blog site , it is still only in spanish but I have no doubt that it will come into english too.

My greetings to Pedro Gil to have me on board

And thank u for visiting my Cave ^_^

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