Thursday, March 10, 2016

Cover Art for Magissa, RPG for kids

Roleplaying game for kids Magissa, written by Edanna Patsaki and Fernando R. Reyes and published by Nosolorol Ediciones was released last week in Spain.

It has been a lot of time since I did something with a clear kids target so I find it refreshing to change for sometime and think like a child (I mean, more than usual xD). Well, we looked for a simple landscape cover that brings your mind into adventure, the adventurers, the castle, a dragon (of course!!) and a frozen peak behind (even a puppy ;D)

From that premises there was a clear line from start to finish. I took part of the character designs from the character art inside done by Virginia Berrocal and I remind myself singing old D&D tv series spanish song (you don't want to hear me) while painted it so, I guess it´s something from it too.

That's all, have fun and enjoy your quests!



final art

Book photo

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