Thursday, March 10, 2016

Cover Art for Magissa, RPG for kids

Roleplaying game for kids Magissa, written by Edanna Patsaki and Fernando R. Reyes and published by Nosolorol Ediciones was released last week in Spain.

It has been a lot of time since I did something with a clear kids target so I find it refreshing to change for sometime and think like a child (I mean, more than usual xD). Well, we looked for a simple landscape cover that brings your mind into adventure, the adventurers, the castle, a dragon (of course!!) and a frozen peak behind (even a puppy ;D)

From that premises there was a clear line from start to finish. I took part of the character designs from the character art inside done by Virginia Berrocal and I remind myself singing old D&D tv series spanish song (you don't want to hear me) while painted it so, I guess it´s something from it too.

That's all, have fun and enjoy your quests!



final art

Book photo

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Cover art for Reflejo RPG

Light cover final art

Roleplaying game Reflejo (Reflection), written by Jordi Martín and published by Nosolorol Ediciones has been released this week so I bring the two covers I did for the book.

The interior art, nicely done by Jorge Carrero was previously done with inks and reds so one of our first decissions was to keep our cover grayscale and red. This was one of those covers where we spend more time thinking in the right concept than painting the final so I did several sketches with slight modifications looking for it. The main idea was a girl between world of light and world of darkness.

Finally we decided to go on with she going through a mirror which work as a portal between the two worlds. With that concept I took my references and even did a 3d model to work the body cut.

After the cover was finished, Nosolorol's chief publisher Manuel J. Sueiro thought it will be great having an alternative cover showing the same scene from the world of darkness. So I did another cover as a reflection of the first one.

At the end we have two covers for this roleplaying game, I'm not sure of which is my favourite so I'm happy with both xD I hope you too ;)


Darkness cover final art


Some of my references: sculptures by Pugliese Barriera and photos by Iain Crawford (golden) and the69th (water)

Poser 3d model

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Nameless Cults GM Screen (Cultos Innombrables, pantalla del DJ)

Final screen art

Here I bring the process of my first game master screen to be printed, it belongs to the game Nameless Cults (Cultos Innombrables) published by Nosolorol Ediciones. Nameless Cults is a contemporary game based on lovecraft mythos as I told you in the cover post. Again, I worked together with Manuel J. Sueiro, creator, one of the authors of the game and chief publisher at Nosolorol. He wanted a group of cultists who work for hire as a professional team specialized in missions related with occultism and mythos.

In the image, our team will be stealing something from a tomb portal and they meet those Chtonian style creatures waiting for them in some kind of tension before a possible fight to leave the place. In the middle of the process I took some time to design characters and creatures but I'll bring them in other post.

This is a huge pic (screen is 835 x 218 mm) so it took me quite a lot of time to paint all the landscape scene. I hope you like it and embrace the cosmic horror ;)


photo: screen on my table

photo: The plant Game Master

Monday, February 8, 2016

The Dresden Files: Your Story RPG Artwork

The Dresden Files: Your Story. Cover + Backcover

Last Augost was finaly released the Spanish edition of The Dresden Files: Your Story based on the famous novel series writen by Jim Butcher. The spanish edition is published by Nosolorol, where I am currently working, and translated from the game developed in the US by Evil Hat. This is the first roleplaying game fully illustrated by me and my first big project working with Nosolorol so means a special step in my career.

The book contains about 80 pics that were done during summer 2014 and took me about 600 hours of work. There is another book called The Dresden Files: Our World, focused on Chicago and the characters from the novels writen by Jim Butcher in which I am working now. Your Story has the rules to play and create your characters and cities to play so we planned the artwork from pics based on the novels and new characters and scenes that invite players to create and imagine their own worlds.

We decided to work as much as we can in double-spreads invading the book were the pics appear so there are plained areas of color where the texts were placed.

Well, those were the basics more or less, I hope you enjoy the illustrations as much as I enjoyed reading and painting Dresden Files scenes ;)


- Chapter One -
Harry’s World

- Chapter Two -
The Basics

- Chapter Three -
City Creation

- Chapter Four -
Character Creation

- Chapter Five -
Types & Templates

- Chapter Six -

- Chapter Seven -

- Chapter Eight -

- Chapter Nin e -
Mortal Stunts

- Chapter Ten -
Supernatural Powers

- Chapter Eleven -
Playing The Game
- Chapter Twelve -
Living With Magic

- Chapter Thirteen -

- Chapter Fourteen -
Running The Game

- Chapter Fifteen -
Building Scenarios

- Chapter Sixteen -
Nevermore Baltimore


Chicago Bridge

Meeting Sue



Masquerade party


Victor Sells' house

Welcome to the Jungle

Here are vampires


(Types & Templates)

Focused Practitioner

Knight of a Faerie Court


Champion of God


True Believer

Emissary of Power


Red Court Infected



Pure Mortal

Minor Talent

White Court Vampire

White Court Virgin
Harry & Mister say goodbye